It was the year 2012 when representatives of 16 clubs met in Moutfort, Luxembourg to create the BREWERY COLLECTIBLES WORLD CONVENTION, a space where collectors from all over the world would meet every two years for the largest event ever held. As a result of that meeting, the clubs decided to host the first meeting in the City of Martin in Slovakia in October 2013, the event was attended by more than 800 participants representing 35 countries, thus making this convention a success. It was followed by meetings in Milwaukee, United States of America in 2015, Tychy in Poland in 2017, La Plata, Argentina in 2019 and the most recent one in Turkey in the City of Istanbul in June 2022. Without a doubt, this event will continue on the right path and making the tour of our entire planet!

Sixth Edition will be in Lima, Peru

6TH Edition BCWC 2023

Dear Collector Friend:

In Memoriam

Luis Akira - Juan Carlos

Con cariño y Admiración

Luis Akira Matsuda Kohatsu, you will always be the perseverance that every collector longs for. This Lima 2023 World Convention is dedicated to you by all of us who knew you. And for the stories and anecdotes that we share with you and that we will tell each of the new collectors that will come. You will always be with us... a ChinChin to Heaven! Words are not enough to highlight all your qualities and it is time to recognize your national and international trajectory... taking the name of Peru to the highest.

Juan Carlos De Marco was and continues to be a worldwide icon of beer collecting. Thanks to his ideas, today we have the BCWC and collectors from all over the world who also like to travel have the opportunity to meet in different cities to share their culture and above all, get pieces for their collections. The last event that he had to designate before his departure was precisely this one of 2023, which we dedicate to him with love and admiration.

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6th Edition

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